Exract from, Pencils, Patience and Primates: This turned out to be an exceptionally time consuming picture with the amount of elephant skin that required layer upon layer of shading. I think that elephants lend themselves very well to the medium of pencil because of their grey colours and tones, so I thought it would be good to show as many as possible in one picture, giving a panorama of tones and textures. It also is interesting to see elephants like this in a picture, as it is how you often see them in huge family groups in the wild, rather than the solitary individuals in zoos.
David Dancey-Wood is one of the leading pencil artists in the United Kingdom, specialising mainly in wildlife subject matter. He was born in Bristol and studied at the Bournemouth and Poole Faculty of Art and Design for four years before launching into a career to develop his own unique artistic talents, alongside raising awareness of conservation issues around the planet.

His interest in conservation has taken him to many parts of the world where, not only has he been able to see first hand the plight of many endangered creatures, but he has also captured them on paper with his pencil studies. He has supported through his work several conservation projects and other charities, including the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation. He also works closely with Alison Cronin of the internationally renowned Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre as their consultant.

He started his career as an illustrator and was commissioned by a number of world famous companies, including Time Life, The Disney Corporation, Microsoft Encarta and the Eastern and Orient Express. His illustrations have been used by a wide variety of clients from top film studios to books and magazines.

David's work has been exhibited at galleries throughout the United Kingdom and there is now a waiting list for his original drawings.

David has been published by two major fine art publishing companies. In 1999 Hawksbill Fine Art was launched to publish and market his limited edition prints, giving David the freedom to develop his talent whilst providing a personal service to the art trade.
Exract from, Pencils, Patience and Primates: This was the first chimpanzee I ever drew, and it was the picture that opened many doors for me. I also used the pose of this chimp for the first logo I designed for Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre replacing the chimps image with that of Paddy one of their alpha males. It was when drawing this ape I discovered my love for intense detail.
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David Dancey-Wood
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One of the UK's leading pencil Artists
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